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Thursday, January 29, 2009

news of Greece 

Greek Govt. Fails to Win Farmers Over: Roadblocks Continue
ATHENS (Kathimerini) -- January 26, 2009 -- As thousands of farmers across the country kept their tractors parked at key road junctions for the seventh day in a row yesterday, paralyzing transport, Agricultural Development Minister Sotiris Hatzigakis pledged to provide farmers with the precise details of subsidies they are demanding as a precondition for calling off their action. ... read more.

Other Greek American News Headlines

Kathimerini - January 26, 2009
Thebes Water is Also Toxic, Authorities Say

Athens News Agency - January 26, 2009
Skipper of Greek Trawler Killed by Pirates Off Cameroon

New York Times - January 24, 2009
Once a Boon, Euro Now Burdens Some Nations

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Ahepa facebook 

Social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace are our next step in building AHEPA's membership and providing new, easier and fun ways for each of us to be a part of that effort. Over the past few weeks, I and several of my Supreme Lodge officers have launched personal profiles on Facebook, the most popular social networking site on the Internet. This week we are launching a new "AHEPA Fan Page" on Facebook, opening up our mission to the network's 140 million members. The page offers continual Greek-American news feeds, discussion boards, photo and video galleries, an events calendar and easy ways for Facebook's members to join AHEPA and get involved in our work.

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Atlanta Entrepreneur Bequeaths $50,000 to AHEPA 

Atlanta Entrepreneur Bequeaths $50,000 to AHEPA
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Mr. Emmanuel G. Pappas, a 37-year member of AHEPA from Atlanta, who passed away in March 2008, bequeathed $50,000 to AHEPA, announced Supreme President Ike Gulas.

"We are touched that Brother Pappas remembered the Order to which he gave selflessly over the many years," said Gulas. "His generosity will augment our various programs that help us fulfill our mission. We are deeply grateful and I know he will be sorely missed. May his memory be eternal."

Pappas, 60, dedicated his life to helping others in need both as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. In 1977, he founded Pappas Contracting, Inc., a construction consulting firm specializing in commercial construction and insurance industries with an emphasis on natural disaster risk and damage assessment. His company, now known as EGP and Associates, Inc. has become a nationwide industry leader.

Brother Pappas was a member of Mother Lodge Chapter No. 1, Atlanta.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hellenism is important in our society today, just as it was thousands of year ago. It is important to remember Hellenism and the many contributions from ancient Greece that are still significant and part of our society today.

The name of Greece came from the word “Graecia”, the name by which the Romans referred to this land; but the Greeks, early on, called themselves Hellenes and their country Hellas, according to the evidence of the ancient historian Thucydides. Today, we often speak of Hellenism and its significance for the world, but the term is frequently understood differently by various groups of people, whose own definitions are often noble but also limited (e.g. referring to Geography, food, dance, language etc.)

But the meaning of Hellenism is much broader. It is a Universal Ideal which, throughout the centuries, has sought to express beauty, harmony and balance in both the inner life of the individual and the communal experience of the society. Its expression in the Greek language, literature, art, philosophy, science, politics, myth and drama has affected the world for centuries, and it continues to enrich our lives today. It is evident, therefore, why such an ideal is worth preserving by all means, and why claiming Hellenism as our own heritage can be Our Unique Pride and also Our Unique Responsibility.

by Lena Hatzichronoglou,
Professor of Classics and the Humanities, Founder of Hellenic Visions

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Monday, January 05, 2009

Former U.S. Senator Claiborne Pell 

Former U.S. Senator Claiborne Pell

AHEPA Mourns Passing of Former Senator Claiborne Pell
Senator was a 45-Year Member of AHEPA
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Supreme President Ike Gulas issued the following statement on the passing of Former U.S. Senator Claiborne Pell of Rhode Island:

"The AHEPA family was saddened to learn that Former Senator Claiborne Pell passed away on January 1, 2009.

"He was an extremely well-respected senator who served the citizens of Rhode Island admirably for six terms in the U.S. Senate. From 1987 to 1994, he served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee where he was a champion of Greek-American issues. Of course, he will always be remembered and saluted for the educational grants that bear his name that have allowed countless students to attend college.

"We were honored and privileged to count Senator Pell as a 45-year member of AHEPA. Senator Pell was instrumental in helping AHEPA obtain three senior citizen housing projects totaling 82 units in Newport, Rhode Island. In essence, he helped AHEPA fulfill every aspect of its mission.

"Our deepest sympathies are with the family of Senator Pell. May his memory be eternal."

Until his passing, Senator Pell was an active, faithful member of Maud Howe Elliot Chapter No. 245, Newport, R.I. He was a recipient of the AHEPA Pericles Award for excellence in public service. The senator was initiated into AHEPA on June 8, 1963.

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year from Nat'l Ahepa 

Happy New Year
And Many Thanks for a Great 2008!
Dear Brothers, Sisters, and friends of the AHEPA Family:

It seems like just yesterday we were ringing in 2008, waiting with excitement for the upcoming historic Supreme Convention in Greece. Indeed the Athens Supreme Convention was the crowing jewel event in 2008; however, we also made significant strides in areas of civic responsibility, education, and philanthropy. We met the goals of our public affairs agenda: passing Brumidi legislation, working to ensure Greece's path to Visa Waiver Program is a fair and level one, supporting funding for the Greek Service at Voice of America, among other initiatives. We witnessed the elevation of educational programs such as the Journey to Greece and AHEPAcademy. Furthermore, the selfless and benevolent acts of our members, whether it is raising funds for Cooley's Anemia or cancer research, or housing our nation's seniors, is always what lies at the heart of AHEPA's mission. And with the help of the Daughters, Sons, Maids, and Philhellenes, we were able achieve success in not just one, but all facets of our collective mission.

Again with your help, 2009 will prove to be even brighter for our Order. With your dedication, we will build our membership numbers. With your generosity, we can send more young people to Greece and enrich our scholarship programs. With your passion, we will be a steadfast voice for Greek Americans in Washington and throughout the globe. And with your Hellenic spirit, AHEPA will be the organization our immigrant Forbearers created it to be.

On behalf of the Supreme Lodge, AHEPA Headquarters and the entire AHEPA Family, may 2009 bring your family health, prosperity and love.

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