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Friday, January 08, 2010

Please help us keep a cold-blooded killer behind bars. 


On May 19, 1985, in Santa Cruz California, a Greek Orthodox priest by the name of Father John Karastamatis was brutally beaten to death in his church.

The criminals responsible were Edward and Ann Bowman. When the police went to arrest Ann, she stood on the porch, pointed a gun at them, and proceeded to shoot at the officers. After almost killing one officer, they returned fire. Ann then killed herself.

Edward Bowman was eligible for the death penalty, but pled guilty to avoid execution. Bowman was sentenced to 25 years to life. Due to, now outdated, sentencing guidelines, he is now eligible for parole. His hearing is scheduled for February 8th, but your letter:

Must Be Received by January 20th. We need your help to keep him in prison where he belongs.

Things you should know. This brutal crime was pre-meditated. Detectives involved in this case believe these criminals were responsible for other crimes, and committed other murders. One theory is they told Father John, in counseling, of their crimes. They became nervous then planned his murder to ensure Father John remained silent. As he lay dying they rifled through Father John’s pockets, searched his office and stole items from the Church. The criminal’s son was in fear for his life as Edward Bowman, while bragging of the brutal murder, threatened to kill him as well if he said anything about the murder. Psychiatrists who examine Bowman agree, he has sociopath tendencies, is a pathological liar and to this day expresses no remorse.

I am sending a link to the District Attorney’s Office in Santa Cruz California. They are awaiting your e-mail, which will be printed out and brought before the parole board. I am typing up a letter you can cut and paste, or you can create your own. Your note must have Edward Bowman’s name and prisoner number on it. You can put just your first name on it, and can add you city or just your state. Phone numbers, addresses and other personal information are blacked out. Please then forward this to everyone in your address book. This will only take a couple of minutes and will have a direct effect on the board’s decision. Your voice matters!

Our e-mail is . To this day, our family, the Church Father John founded, friends and community members still suffer. Please help us make sure this monster continues to pay for his crime, and that everyone else can rest easier knowing one less predator is on the streets. Our family thanks you.

Click on this address to send your e-mail to the parole board:

Or fax to the lifer board at: 707-454-3421

To The Parole Board

Solano State Prison

RE: Edward Bowman Prisoner #E00064

I am opposed to the possibility of a criminal such as Edward Bowman, being paroled. Bowman’s brutal crime was one against not only a Priest, but a devoted husband, father, grandfather(of 5 days) and brother. Bowman’s horrific act was one against not only Orthodox Christians, but those of any Faith, throughout the world. Bowman planned this crime, and to this day expresses no remorse.

Bowman’s crime destroyed a family, shocked a community and sickened experienced Detectives. His wife tried to kill police officers rendering justice and he considers her a martyr.

My friends and family deserve to be safe. To help keep us safe, criminals like Edward Bowman need to serve their maximum sentences, in his case, life behind bars.



posted by Santa Barbara Chapter 243  # 7:41 AM


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