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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ahepa #243 insert for July St. Barbara newsletter 

“Promoting the Harmony of Greek Culture, Service, and Community”

Remembering our “Mission Statement” (above), this chapter embarks on a new chapter year-planning our activities of philanthropy and service with a focus on our young adults whom we believe need to be aware of their Hellenic ideals which will draw them closer to us. Our current environment is changing (good or bad) and we are considering change in how our chapter approaches the challenges before us. We are narrowing our focus on our youth, and on our fund-raisers which have social and identity benefits for everyone. We will reach out in our community at large for talent and special interests and utilize these gifts for the greater good. We have many events planned and we ask for your support in these endeavors.
We offer congratulations to the recent recipients of the District 20 Scholarship awards from Ahepa/Daughter’s of Penelope-Alexis Keramaris, Elenni Pantages, and Louis Arger.
Please visit our web site for National and Local, and Chapter news of interest Contact us at our e-mail address above.
May your summer be fun-filled,
Members of Chapter #243

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