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Thursday, June 14, 2007

our Nomination of Chris Compogiannis-Ahepan/Year 

“Promoting the Harmony of Greek Culture, Service, and Community”

Our Nomination of Chris Compogiannis

The members of the Santa Barbara Chapter #243 of the Order of Ahepa are pleased to place into nomination the name of our most esteemed member, Chris Compogiannis, as AHEPAN OF THE YEAR. This nomination reflects not only the years of service and dedication to the Order of Ahepa, but more importantly reflects the character of this man and its ultimate reflection on this organization.
Chris Compogiannis has a legacy of honored service to our country, the City of Santa Barbara, local civic groups, the Saint Barbara parish community and to the Order of Ahepa, District 20, and our local chapter #243. His involvement with what is now known as the El Camino Real District 20 Ahepa Scholarship Fund since its inception in 1959 is well known. Under his investment guidance the principle of the fund this year is approximately $406,000 and the interest that will be paid out to the successful scholarship applicants will be approximately $20,000. He always attends our District Conventions, and just about all National Conventions.
Chris Compogiannis is among the group of chapter leaders that meets with the City Mayor of Santa Barbara and the chair of Hellenic Studies at the University of California @ Santa Barbara on projects of mutual interests.
Chris always has a smile and laughs easily. When chapter discussions may become heated his calm demeanor and his ability to see the important elements of the discussion, bring calm and clarity. As President of this chapter I seek the counsel of the officers. I listen to Chris’ remarks. I have never heard him raise his voice or speak poorly of any individual. This is the reflection of the man, his personality and his character. He fits the statements found in the Oath of Initiation on how an Ahepan should act.
Chris Compogiannis is not afraid to volunteer his time or personal resources to aid in the successful conclusion of any chapter project.
Chris Compogiannis represents the finest ideals of Ahepa and as a human being. He is a quiet leader and yet everyone listens to him. He is optimistic and smiles easily. He is well thought of in his profession and by his business colleagues.
It is for these reasons that I have the honor on behalf of the 30 members of the Santa Barbara Chapter #2453, Order of Ahepa, District 20 to place in nomination the name of Chris Compogiannis as “AHEPAN OF THE YEAR.”

Respectfully Submitted,
James P. Brown, D.,C.
President, Ahepa Chapter #243.

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