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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

June 2006 Newsletter 

June 2006 Newsletter
“Promoting the Harmony of Greek culture, Service, and Community”
Established October 17, 1929

Ahepa has a very strong presence in the area of education. Education is part of our mission statement. Ahepa works to provide a better learning environment for our children by providing scholarships on a broad basis to a variety of traditional and non-traditional students. We promote Hellenic studies programs and educational journeys to Greece and Washington to educate our youth. Over $4 million has been given to our scholarships and $500,000 is awarded every year.
Your Ahepa Chapter is aware of the following students who have achieved their goals and we wish to give them recognition. We are also aware that there are students who may have obstacles because of circumstance, yet they are working hard and are achieving in many ways. We are working on a project which will seek to give everyone recognition for their hard work. Today however we wish to recognize the following:
Lauren Angelos who received the National Ahepa Scholarship award
Louis Arger a recipient of a District 20 Scholarship award. He wishes to pursue a career as an U. S. Air Force pilot.
Michael Zozos who has graduated with honors from college.
Nicholas Hillman who is a junior in high school but has been awarded many honors in many areas of school participation.
Indeed to list the achievements of these students would be too lengthy for this newsletter.
Congratulations to all the students of our Parish.
Louis Arger will receive his scholarship award at the Scholarship Luncheon on June 24th 12:00 noon -2:00pm at the district 20 convention held at the Hilton Burbank Airport Center. All are invited to attend. Cost is $35, and there will be a Glendi at St. Nicholas, Northridge at 6:00PM at a cost of $35. Come and have a good time.
We invite you to visit our web site and see our Chapter achievements for the 2005-2006 year. Our report card looks impressive. (http://www.ahepa20/~chapter243/

We congratulate the new officers of the Daughters of Penelope and wish them a successful year. Jim Brown, President Chapter # 243

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