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An Official Publication serving the membership of District No. 20, Order of AHEPA
Celebrating 75 years of service to the Greek American Community of the United States of America
founded in Atlanta, Georgia -- July 26, 1922

Nicholas J. Perdaris, AHEPA Governor Carol N. Stathopoulos, Daughters Governor
Volume 38, Number 1 George N. Dussias, Editor September-October 1997


All the excitement and business of both the Regional and Supreme Conventions are now behind us. I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the District Lodge Officers to THANK the Delegates for placing their confidence in us to serve the El Camino Real District No. 20 for the 1997-98 term. It is indeed a great honor and privilege to for us to serve you. It is my hope that we as individuals and as a District Lodge ALL live up to your expectations and truly be worthy of that honor.

It would be fitting to give special congratulations to the Daughters of Penelope new District Lodge with Carol Stathopoulos as their Governor, who by the way served as the Vice-Chair of the Daughters Supreme Convention meetings!! We look forward to working together to make this a banner year for the entire AHEPA family.

Sincarhthria--Congratulations are

in order to the following Brother AHEPANS who have achieved high Offices and Awards for their Love and Dedication to the Order of AHEPA.

Brother George Dariotis on his election to the Office of Supreme Treasurer.

Brother George Achedafty on his election to the Office of Supreme Governor.

Paul Xanthos on his being inducted into the National AHEPA Athletic Hall of Fame for his many accomplishments and contributions to the sport of tennis.

Brother C. Peter Stath for being selected by the District Convention as AHEPAN of the YEAR for District 20.

All are certainly deserving of the honor bestowed on them.

District Programs

Dist. Gov. Carol Stathopoulos and I are exploring the possibility of having a joint "BIG BUCKS" Raffle, modeled after the one held in District #21, from which, we would all benefit; the Chapters, the District Lodges, the District Scholarship Corp, the Charitable Foundation, the Growth and Expansion of the Sons and Maids, the El Camino Real and even possibly the Rose Float. More information will follow after we iron out the details for this raffle.

Rose Bowl Float

As for the ROSE BOWL float, we continue to be in need of the support from OUR OWN DISTRICT chapters and members to make this project a success. Financial support from all the District 20 Chapters would go a very long way to getting support from other Chapters around the Country. This is an OFFICIAL Ahepa Project supported in spirit by the AHEPA Supreme Convention in Houston and again in Atlanta. However, the fund raising remains as a grass roots effort to be supported by the various Chapters around the country. The initial seed money to get the ball rolling is about $25,000 with the total cost being about $150,000.

At the Atlanta Supreme Convention, a vast majority of the Delegates, Ahepans and Daughters, all proudly wore the Red Rose sticker on their Delegates Name-Badge. It was indeed a great feeling to see the amount of support we have for this great idea. With the enthusiastic support from the entire AHEPA domain, we can't help but pull this off!!!

I look forward to seeing everyone during our District Lodge visitations to your Chapter and Community. Please call me or send a note with the date you would like to set for a visitation.

Finally, I would like to thank Brother George Dussias from Arizona 275 who volunteered to serve as Editor for the monumental task of publishing the El Camino Real. Please support George and send him articles and information from your Chapter activities as well as any advertising you can obtain for the ECR.

Once again, I thank you for the opportunity to serve and look forward to a great year!

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Nicholas J. Perdaris

Nicholas J. Perdaris

District 20 Governor

1st Ahepa Western Regional Convention in Reno, NV Declared success by ALL!!!

By: George N. Dussias

From the moment one checked into the Reno Hilton Hotel you knew that this was going to be a good weekend. Thursday afternoon there was time to hit the gaming tables/slots for a while and then work your way into the Ahepa Hospitality Room. Here the three District Lodges each had prepared a variety of food and pastries for all the Delegates. The keftedes were the size of a baseball. There were over 150 Ahepa family members from all three districts all having the opportunity to meet each other. Registration went very well and there were very few problems.

Indeed it was a pleasure to attend a AHEPA Convention where there was total harmony and unity of purpose. The over 40 Delegates who attended, all worked hard towards AHEPA's understanding of the future goals and ideas. There was some exchange of ideas between the participating Districts. Hopefully, the next Western Regional Convention will allow more time to meet with the other Districts.

The social functions were more enjoyable with the larger number of participants.

Survival or Extinction?

District 20 faces a huge challenge. Our membership has dropped over the past decade due to a variety of reasons. It is now the responsibility of the Chapter Officers, members and the District Lodge to create and implement programs which will appeal and spark an interest in new members.

Yesterdays AHEPA must recreate itself in order to become tomorrow's AHEPA. Brother AHEPANS you must each talk to the younger members of your Church Community and get them interested in the AHEPA. Let's all work together to insure the future growth of AHEPA instead of working against each other towards our extinction!!

San Pedro Hosts 98 conference jan. 31

Building on last years very successful Conference in Ventura, the Neptune Chapter No. 233 and Daughters of Penelope Theseus No. 88 of San Pedro will be hosting the 1998 District Conference at the Ports O'Call Restaurant and Conference facilities, Berth 79, Saturday, January 31, 1998.

Brother Gus Alex and his committee are working very hard to put together an excellent weekend of events. All Chapter Presidents and Secretaries in addition to any other AHEPA members are encouraged to attend and participate in this very important day-long meeting. The success of a Conference rests on the level of participation by the Chapters and their membership.

The purpose of having a Mid-Winter Conference is for the Chapters and District Lodge to meet together, focus on plans for the future and motivate the attendees to go back to their Chapters and implement the ideas and work on the special projects. A major highlight for this years Conference will be the ATHLETIC RECOGNITION BANQUET which will honor and feature local high school and college athletes from within our District. Parents and relatives are encouraged to attend. An evening of fun and dancing will follow. Look for additional details in future publications.

San Pedro Ahepa Family

On the evening of July 31, 1997 the Neptune Chapter No. 233, Order of Ahepa help its annual picnic and social at the community room of the Cabrillio Marina complex in San Pedro, CA. Over 90 members and guests attended the event. Among the V.I.P.'s that were honored guests of the Chapter were: Father Michael Courey and his family, the new priest for St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church of Redondo Beach, CA. AHEPA District Governor Nick Perdaris and DOP Carol Stathopoulos and Dr.James Demetriou Supreme Secretary.

All those in attendance were treated royally to barbecued beef sirloin and salmon steaks cooked to order by our renowned chefs of Neptune Chapter.

Arizona Chapter No. 275 Donates $25,000 to Youth Center.

The Brothers of Arizona Chapter No. 275 in Tucson have successfully organized and worked together with the entire Greek-American-Serbian Community towards the growth and development of what has become a must attend social function of the Spring for over 15,000 Tucsonans. The AHEPA Spring Greek Festival has grown by leaps and bounds since 1990 when a one-day Glendi Dinner-Dance evolved into a two-day food fair then into a 3-day Festival.

Originally the Chapter needed funds to help remodel and upgrade the Lodge Meeting room, the game room, kitchen, bathroom and Social hall. Arizona 275 is one of few Chapters in the Ahepa domain to have its own meeting/social facilities on their church grounds. Over $35,000 was spent over a 2-year period from 1991-93.

Then the St. Demetrios Church needed a Youth Center and additional Classrooms. After plans were drawn fundraising efforts began. Brother Clarence Drake stepped forward and donated $100,000 and the community raised an additional $30,000 for the construction costs. The AHEPA Chapter donated $25,000 towards the furniture for the Youth Center. The room is now equipped with fine leather couches, chairs, tables, pool table, computer desk, TV, stereo, microwave, refrigerator and much more.

Arizona Chapter 275 Scholarship fund grows to over $82,000

From the early 1970's till the 1990's the Arizona 275 Scholarship Corp. Grew at a slow and steady pace. Various fundraising events, individual donations and the Annual Dog Track outings netted the fund about $20,000. Those days, Scholarships awarded were between $100 to $350 for the 3-4 recipients who qualified. With the recent success of the AHEPA Spring Greek Festivals hosted by the locale Chapter the Scholarship Fund has benefited by over $62,000 in five years.

This year over $3,000 was distributed to seven recipients with awards ranging from $300 to $700. Kai Se Anotera!!

Arizona Chapter 275 Donates over $50,000 to Church and various locale organizations.

St. Demetrios Church, the Church Choir, Daughters of Penelope, Sons of Pericles, Greek School, Senior Citizens Group, Pan Athenian Dancers and Philoptochos are among some of the organizations who have benefited financially from the Ahepa Spring Greek Festivals over the past five-six years.

The Choir members were able to purchase new robes and currently are raising funds for a new Church Organ to replace the thirty year old hand-me-down donated to the Church.

The University of Arizona Classics Department has also been one of AHEPAs benefactors. Ahepa ARIZONA 275 is committed to providing and maintaining the Greek language studies program at the University level. With the strong Greek Community leadership of the Hellenic Cultural Foundation of Tucson who have raised tens of thousands of dollars for the establishment of a permanent chair of Ancient and Modern Greek at the U of A the AHEPA has given its strong support to this most worthy goal and effort.

At one time the major threat of loosing the Greek language, was very serious and eminent. Today the seat is secure and will be funded permanently by the University.

Without the outcry of many committed Greek, Greek-American and Phil-Hellenes this would not have occurred. The journey originally seemed unachievable. But persistence and commitment triumphed.

DOP Theseus #88 SanPedro Luncheon

You are all invited to the DOP District Governor's Report Luncheon. Sat. Sept.

27, 1997 Noon at Ports O'Call Restaurant Berth 79

Daughters of Penelope

El Camino Real District 20

District Governor's Message

by: Carol Stathopoulos

New beginnings bring new challenges and new changes. AHEPA 2000 ideas will refocus our organization. Constitutional revisions will update our outlook and our direction. New officers, at all levels: national, district and chapter, will bring their own ideas, energies and dedication to the Daughters of Penelope. Our Brother Ahepans are asking for our cooperation and our support. The year ahead will be filled with "interesting times" as we meet these challenges to the best of our collective abilities.

Nationally, there is a new mission statement dedicated to the promotion of Hellenic ideals of education, philanthropy, civic responsibility, family and individual excellence. These are ideals the Daughters of Penelope can support. At the Atlanta National Convention, the AHEPA 2000 package was dissected into smaller components to be considered by our organization over the next few years. Legislation also brought about membership requirement changes and gave the DOP the right to function independently from the AHEPA.

At the District level, a new District Lodge (5/7ths of which live in the Salt Lake City area!) And a new District Project - The Breast Center at USC/Norris Cancer Center and Hospital, will help focus the energies of the entire district. Our district project designee has extended an invitation to all Daughters of the District to participate not only in its fund-raising activities, but also in its programs and services.

Especially exciting news for our district is the possible formation of two new Maids of Athena chapters and the reactivation of a DOP chapter. It should be a very busy year!

District chapters and members of the DOP will find 1997/98 filled with many new activities and experiences. As students, we learn more from actually doing an activity than we do from hearing or reading about it. Facing changes and challenges will be more fulfilling if, as a member, you are actively taking part. Your active role will encourage others to be similarly engaged in the activities of your chapter. What are the Daughters of Penelope? What do they do? These are questions often heard. Take a look at your chapter's level of participation in your community. That is who the DOP are and that is what they do. Now, ask yourself, "Is it enough? Is it a level of activity and participation that could be described as individual excellence?"

Special NOTICE to ALL Chapter Secretaries...

From: George Dussias, Editor
El Camino Real District 20
1885 East Skyline Drive
Tucson, Arizona 85718

(520) 797-4800
(520) 498-0999 fax

Chapter Secretaries: Please submit a current mailing list of all your Chapter members.

Submit Chapter information you would like published in the ECR.

Send "Letters to the Editor" with your comments both positive and negative.

Please support the El Camino Real, sell advertising or send cash! We need a lot of financial help.

Vacation in Tucson-- June

Arizona Chapter No. 275 is hosting District Convention 1998. Headquarters is the new Marriott Atrium Hotel at the University Main Gate.

Make plans from NOW. You do NOT want to miss this great weekend of Fraternal Brotherhood and Sisterhood

Visit by His All-Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew

by: Nicholas J. Perdaris

By now most of you should be aware of the visit or our Spiritual Leader, Patriarch Bartholomew from 6th to the 10th of November, 1997. Please note the following important events. On Nov. 8th, there will be a Grand Banquet in his honor at the Westin Boneventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. We would like to have as many AHEPA FAMILY tables as possible. However, we do realize that many of you might be required to sit with your various Church Boards or Philoptochos.

Many of you will not be with any other groups and we would like to make a good showing as AHEPA FAMILY members. With time being of the essence, we request the following:


1) $150.00 per person

2) Tables of 10 max.

3) Make Check payable to:

Diocese of San Francisco-Patriarchal Visit

4) List of names of your party

5) No reservations without pre-paid check

6) Deadline is October 1, 97

7) Mail Check to:

Nicholas J. Perdaris
Governor, AHEPA #20
P.O. Box 305
Van Nuys, CA 91408


Carol Stathopoulos
Governor, DOP #20
308 Zink Avenue
Santa Barbara, CA 93111

On Sunday, Nov. 9th there will be a Patriarchal Divine Liturgy at the Los Angeles Convention Center 10:00 AM

On Monday Nov. 10th the Patriarch will visit the St. Anthony's Monastery in the Desert of Arizona south of Florence & north of Tucson.

Ahepa family dates to remember

From: Nicholas J. Perdaris, Dist. Gov.

Nov. 6-10 - Patriarch Barthlolmew's visit to Southern California and Arizona.

Nov. 15, 1997 - Farewell Luncheon for Supreme Treasurer George Dariotis. PDG Brother Dariotis will be relocating on the east coast. The PDG's and Dist. Lodge will sponsor the lunch at Frank's Steak House 6005 Vineland at corner of Oxnard and North Hollywood. Cost is $20.00 per person. RSVP by Nov. 11th.

G. Achedafty (626) 285-4047 PDG Chairman
C. Elipoulos (310) 371-4027 PDG Vice-Chairman
D. Basdakis (800) 231-2678 PDG Secy
C. Stathopoulos (805)967-1025 DOP Chairman
N. Perdaris (815)504-2502 AHEPA Governor

January 31, 1998 - Mid-Winter Conference Meeting, also Athletic Recognition Banquet and Awards at Ports O'Call Restaurant, San Pedro,CA

Feb. 28, 1998 - U.S. Congressional Banquet in Washington, DC.

June 25-28, 1998 - AHEPA FAMILY Vacation and District Convention in Tucson, Arizona

July 19, 1998 - Journey to Greece for 17 to 25 year old young adults of Hellenic heritage.

August 2-6, 1998 - AHEPA Supreme Convention in Orlando, Florida.

Once again, I thank you for the opportunity to serve and look forward to a great year! - NJP

Daughters of Penelope


by: Carol Stathopoulos, District Governor

Breast Center of USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center and Hospital was selected by the District Convention Delegates as the 1997/98 District Project for the DOP. This facility, located in Los Angeles, offers the most advanced cancer treatment available due to its ongoing research into the newest approaches to cancer management. The facility specializes in several types of cancer treatment and was recommended to the District Convention for its pioneer work in breast cancer. Folders for each chapter containing complete details about the Center and Hospital are being readied for distribution at the District Governor's Report Luncheon in San Pedro September 27th.

All Daughters are invited to participate in Breast Health Day 97 slated for September 20th. RACE FOR THE CURE, a 5K run/walk fund-raiser will take place Sunday, Nov. 2 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. More information to follow in the next Bulletin. Your District Governor plans to be there. Who among you will walk with me?

In your prayers, please remember Sisters: Martha Giones, Pyramid #304 who fell asleep in the Lord July, 1997

Virginia Bokron, Hyperia #94, who fell asleep in the Lord July, 1997

Maria Carastathis, Charter Member, Melita 3119, who fell asleep in the Lord August 1997

Eternal be their Memories...

Lady Luck Winner...

Congratulations to Sister Anne Eliopulos who was the lucky raffle winner at the Supreme Convention in Atlanta, GA. She won the 50/50 Penelopean Foundation Raffle.

She surprised her husband Cris with a $1,750 cash prize!!Order of Ahepa

El Camino Real District No. 20

Current Roster of Recognized Chapters

Nicholas J. Perdaris, District Governor 1997-1998

Southern California, Arizona, Southern Nevada & Utah




























*=Inactive Chapters

Per Capita Tax & Dues

District Per Capita tax has been increased from $2.50 to $5.00 per member beginning with the 1998 dues payments. Also National has passed a voluntary increase to of $5.00 to $30.00 per capita. Dues are due in January of each year.

If you have not paid yet you are seriously past due for 1997. Please pay your dues for 1997.

AND PAY YOUR 1998 dues in January. AHEPA membership is cheap at ANY PRICE!!!


reprinted from the July/August 1997 issue of Odyssey Magazine

7 Estimated number of people that a satisfied tourist positively disposes toward visiting Greece when she/he returns home

24 Estimated number of people that a dissatisfied tourist negatively disposes toward visiting Greece when she/he returns home

100,000 Number of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) citizens who applied for Greek visas in the first half of 1997

2,000,000 Population of FYROM

1,700 Cost in US dollars of a Greek visa on the black market in Cairo

1 Rank of Fyodor Dostoevsky among the most translated foreign authors in Greece in the 1990's

5,058 Number of new book titles published in Greece in 1996

2,188 Number of new book titles published in Greece in 1990

10 Percent of Greeks who carry at least one credit card

35 Percent of Britons who carry at least one credit card

60 Percent of Americans who carry at least one credit card

800,000 Number of people in Greece involved in agriculture in 1996

950,000 Number of people in Greece involved in agriculture in 1992

55 Percent of people in Greece involved in agriculture who are over 55 years old

66 Percent of people in Greece who have heard of the Internet

96 Percent of people in the USA who have heard of the Internet

86 Percent of people in Japan who have heard of the Internet

46 Percent of people in Turkey who have heard of the Internet

202 Average minutes of television watched daily by Greeks

240 Average minutes of television watched daily by Americans (most in the world)

140 Average minutes of television watched daily by Swedes

179 Average minutes of television watched daily by the French

592 Number of daily newspaper sales per 1,000 citizens in Norway

582 Number of daily newspaper sales per 1,000 citizens in Japan

216 Number of daily newspaper sales per 1,000 citizens in the USA

78 Number of daily newspaper sales per 1,000 citizens in Greece

68 Number of daily newspaper sales per 1,000 citizens in Turkey

27 Number of daily newspaper sales per 1,000 citizens in India

320,000 total number of words in Webster's Unabridged Dictionary

41,614 number or words in the English language derived from Greek

21 percent of words in spoken English derived from Greek

54 percent of medical terms derived from Greek

15 Greece's rank in per-capita gross domestic product among the 15 European Union countries

50 percent of the EU's poorest regions that are in Greece

64 percent of Greek students who learn English in high school

88 percent of EU students who learn English in high school

99 percent of Swedes who learn English in high school

244.57 million packs of Marlboro cigarettes sold in Greece in 1996

125 million packs of Camel cigarettes sold in Greece in 1996

Journey to Greece


Sons, Maids, Young Adults age 17 to 26 of Hellenic Heritage enjoy a Great Summer Vacation in Greece!!!

Visit ancient ruins, historical sites, sunny beaches, island cruises and much more.

The Educational Foundation of the AHEPA has announced the re-establishment of the Journey to Greece program for Sons of Pericles, Maids of Athena and all of our young Hellenes everywhere. The new Journey will take over 100 youth from all over the United States between the ages of 17 and 26. The new Journey will take students on a complete classical tour of Greece as well as a week long cruise through the Aegean Islands. Special features will include a private reception hosted by the Greek Government and another by the American Embassy in Athens. A send off party from the National Greek Tourist Office will also be included.

Of Special interest to our youth will be a special audience with His All Holiness, the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomeos, Archbishop of Constantinople and New Rome.

Upon conclusion of the tours, and optional week will be available for our students. Air transportation will be from 12 regional airports across the USA including LAX, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. Departure Date will be JULY 9th, 1998. Cost is estimated at $2,300 per person. All Sons and Maids will be given a special $100 discount. The tour will be set up in small groups if 12 with a Tour Director/Chaperone for each small group. If you are interested in leading one of our tours, please contact District Governor by the end of November. All Tour Directors will be given their passage at no cost per 12 students recruited. Deadline for recruitment and registration will be by March 1998.

Journey to Greece Coordinator

Dr. James Dimitriou
1620 Via Montemar
Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274
310-375-5544 home
310-378-7596 fax

Join us in Greece for the Odyssey of your life!!!

Farewell Luncheon

for George Dariotis

On Saturday, November 15, 97 at 12:00 NOON, the Past District Governors in cooperation with the District Lodge, will be sponsoring a FAREWELL LUNCHEON to honor PDG, current Supreme Treasurer and hard working dedicated Brother Ahepan, George Dariotis.

The event will be held at FRANK'S STEAK HOUSE
NORTH HOLLYWOOD at corner of Oxnard.

Brother George will be leaving us soon to re-locate on the East Coast. Chef Frank Cunelis will prepare a special Lamb Dinner (chicken available for those who would prefer it) Because seating is very limited please call and make your reservations as soon as possible. Deadline is Tuesday, Nov. 11th. Cost is $20.00 per person. See AHEPA Dates to remembers for reservation info.

AHEPA Christmas Party George Polos Chapter 505 San Diego

Sunday, December 21, 1997 6pm til ??? Crete Island Restaurant at Oceanside Harbor & Marina. $12.50 per person. Dancing, Live Entertainment, and Food. For Reservations Call:

James Rigopoulos 619-233-7158 or 619-793-1333 OR

Spiro Vrontinos 619-566-3113 or 619-689-0420.

Anthony M. Horaites

Attorney at Law

P.O. Box 7626

Alhambra, California 91802

(626) 576-0331


Christina Lycoyannis

Kelley Drye & Warren LLP

515 S. Flower St. Suite 1100

Los Angeles, CA 90071

213. 688. 8196 OR

213. 688. 8150 fax

District 20 AHEPA Family Photo Album


The 1997-1998 District Governor of the El Camino real District No. 20 Brother Nicholas J. Perdaris receives his Governor's Pin from PDG Anthony Horaites (Photo by PDG Dino Basdakis)


PDG Anthony Horaites receives PDG Plaque from the New District Governor Nicholas J. Perdaris (Photo by PDG Dino Basdakis)


Daughters of Penelope New District Lodge for 1997-1998. L-R: Carol Stathopoulos, District Governor from Delos Chapter #103, Santa Barbara, CA; Lt. Gov Elene Kontigis, Charai $79, Salt Lake City; Secretary, Marlena Uchimura, Hyperia #94, Ventura, CA; Treasurer, Sophie Saltas, Charai #79, Salt Lake City; Marshal, Shelly Anderson, Charai #79, Salt Lake City; Maids Advisor, Joanne Saltas, Charai #79, Salt Lake City; Daughters Advisor, Margo Sotiriou, Charai #79, Salt Lake City. (Photo by George Dussias)


Following the Banquet at the Regional Convention in Reno, June 27. Members of Hesperia Chapter #152 with Periclean Award Recipient former Sheriff Peter Pitchess. Standing L-R: Distr. Warden George A. Leon; Hesperia Secretary Peter Latsis; Solon Soteras. Seated L-R: Sheriff Peter Pitchess; William Kokenes; and PDG Harry Siafaris. (Photo provided by Peter Latsis)


A break during "Greek Night" at the Reno Hilton- seated L-R: Supreme President, Spiro Macris; PDG Chris Zazas; Gus Rakus from Dist #22; PDG Mike Pentogenis; Supreme Secretary, Dr. James Dimitriou; PDG Steve Tripodes; Standing L-R: District Governor Nick Perdaris; PDG George Dariotis; George Paul and Soudas from District #21,(Photo by George Dussias)


Former Los Angeles County Sheriff and PDG of Dist #19 Peter J. Pitchess is the 1997 Recipient of the District #20 "PERICLEAN AWARD" L-R: Supreme Secretary Dr. James Dimitriou; Mrs. Athena Pitchess; Peter J. Pitchess; Supreme President Spiro J. Macris. The presentation was made during the banquet at the regional Convention at the Reno Hilton on June 27, 1997.


L-R: President of Hesperia Chapter #152; District Secretary Sitheris Chebithes: District Governor Nick Perdaris; District Warden George Leon. The District Governor attended the July 9, 1997 meeting at the Jans Restaurant to install Brothers Chebithes and Leon in their respective District Lodge offices. (Photo by Peter Latsis)


On March 26, 197, the San Fernando Valley Chapter $412 and the Burbank-Glendale Chapter #442 had a joint meeting and installation which was presided over by the District Lodge, at Franks Steakhouse in North Hollywood. Standing L-R: Steven Grafos, Pres. #442; Dist Treas.. Zak Nahmoulis; new members John Paras, Costas Fergadis, Vasili Papadopoulos, Nick Boyias, and Perry Mormains; Steve Roukis, Pres. #412;and Dist. Secy. Costa Frangos. Seated L-R: Nick Perdaris, Lt. Gov.; Dr. James Dimitriou, Supreme Secretary; and Tony Horaites, District Governor.

(Photo by James Kolokotronis)


A LUNCHEON MEETING WITH AN EXECUTIVE OF THE "TOURNAMENT OF ROSES" Standing L-R: Dist. Governor Nick Perdaris, Supreme Secretary Dr. James Dimitriou; Pres. Disneyland #411 Chris Mellas; Fr. Efstathios Mylonas, and Capt. Aris Birakos. Seated L-R: The Gracious Hosts George and Sophia Adamson: Tournament of Roses Director of Sponsor Relations, Steve Leland; and James Birakos. July 7, 1997.

Order of AHEPA ---- District Lodge Officers --- 1997-1998

Nicholas J. Perdaris
P.O. Box 305
Van Nuys, CA 91408
818-504-2502 home & fax
818-767-6886 work

Lt. Governor
Constanino Frangos
320 North Milpas
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
805-962-6020 home & fax

Sitheris V. Chebithes
P.O. Box 8597
Newport Beach, CA
714-644-0552 home
714-644-0906 fax
714-851-9100 work
714-644-0742 private line

Nicolas S. Adamakis, Sr.
7331 East Calle Merida
Tucson, AZ 85710
520-885-4915 home
520-885-1899 fax

George A. Leon
1431 Ocean Avenue #318
Santa Monica, CA 90401
310-395-6301 home
310-393-0714 fax
310-393-1039 work

Athletic Director
Neko D. Colevins
640 Milwood Avenue
Venice, CA 90291
310-823-8519 home

Sons of Pericles Advisor
Nicholas G. Wallace, PDG
18 Vista Real Drive
Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90277
310-530-3231 home

El Camino Real Editor
George N. Dussias
5500 N. Valley View Rd. #115
Tucson, AZ 85718
520-577-7566 home
520-797-4800 work
520-977-4800 mobile
520-498-0999 fax

Order of AHEPA


George N. Dussias,Editor
1145 East Fort Lowell Road
Tucson, Arizona 85719